Reviews (click on link):

"Did I dream it? I hope not. A great film about the search for meaning" - Christopher Llewellyn Reed, Hammer to Nail

"Lovely and elegiac" - Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter

"Breathtaking. A powerful testament to the ability of art to make sense of the world" - Stephen Saito, Moveable Fest

A+ - "Achingly beautiful" - Andrea Simakis, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Spectacular... The film resonates with profound themes that relate to us all" - Matthew Carey, Non Fiction Film

NNNN - "An engaging, entirely absorbing watch" - Norman Wilner, Now Magazine

"A small masterpiece" - Lorenzo Ciofani, Cinefilia Ritrovata (Italian review)

"Truly beautiful... witness a small town do the incredible" - Nick Johnston, Vanyaland

4 1/2 stars - "Like the best art, it reminds us of ourselves" - Alex Dueben, Film Threat

"The most relevant movie at SXSW... packs a punch" - Jacob Hall, Slashfilm


Interviews & articles (click on link):

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